Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Manager

JDC Wealth understands its clients' investment needs and suggests a suitable investment mix to meet clients' investment objectives. This tailor-made investment plan is recommended keeping in mind the risk-return balance.


Portfolio management

Portfolio management process is not a one-time activity. JDC Wealth manages the portfolio on a regular basis and keeps their clients updated with the changes. The tasks involved are stated below:

• Understanding the clients' investment objectives and availability of funds
• Matching investment to these objectives
• Recommending an investment policy
• Balancing risk and studying the portfolio performance from time to time
• Taking decision on the investment strategy based on discussion with the client
• Changing asset allocation from time to time-based on portfolio performance

Why Portfolio Management is important? 

PM is a perfect way to select the “Best Investment Strategy” based on age, income, risk taking the capacity of the individual and investment budget.

It helps to keep a gauge on the risk taken as the process of PM keeps “Risk Minimization "as the focus.

“Customization” is possible because individual’s needs and choices are kept in mind i.e. when the person needs the return, how much return expectation a person has and how much investment period an individual selects.

Taking into account changes in tax laws, investments can be made.

When investment is made in fixed income security like preference share or debenture or any other such security, then in that case investor is exposed to interest rate risk and price risk of security. PM can take help of duration or convexity to immunize the portfolio.